Friday, October 24, 2014

Aliens and Halloween: Spacewomen

Just to be fair I figure we should look at a spacewoman option.
"Hiya, boys.  You looking for a date?"
Detailed analysis, if you please, Mr. Spock.

Here is the quandary: you are a self-assured, empowered, free-spirited female and it's Halloween and you want a costume that says you are comfortable with yourself and your sexuality but also allows you to express that aspect of your personality.  What choice of costume for you?
Space Hooker!
Or is that a Lady Gaga costume?  I don't know.  Not important.
Not since Wilma Deering and Dale Arden have we seen such an excellent example of the all-around Space Woman.

I'm not sure about the efficiency of those shoes, but who doesn't like a robo-corset and evening gloves?

This space woman is actually pretty tame compared to some of the outfits available.  Look, ma, no midriff.
As everyone knows, no color is quite as futuristic as silver.  Gold is a warm, rich, burning color which has the alchemical symbol of sun.  Gold reminds us of sunflowers, sunny days, Summer fields, and money.  Silver, on the other hand, is a cold, sterile, liquid-like color which has the alchemical symbol of the moon.  Now although the moon and the sun are both in outer space, and despite the moon being Earth's satellite while the Earth is itself a satellite of the sun, the moon says space to us as a people.  Stars appear to us as twinkling white brightness in the darkness of space.  The sun is a star, but it's OUR STAR, so it's not spacey.  Get it?
Many an ancient culture had a sun god or goddess but did not consider the other stars to be candidates for such treatment.  Silver is a futuristic space color.  Galaxy Gail has got silver in spades.  I particularly like the grieves.  That's one of those old-school space things.  For some reason advanced human civilizations in space take their fashion advice from ancient Rome.  The visor really sells it though.  She uses the visor to assess your bank account to determine your suitability for services.  Fourteen levels of services, I am given to understand.

Assessment: Cybernetically enhanced robo-hooker.  Potential for STD HIGH.


  1. Aww, man, shouldn't a cyber space hooker come with a bleach douche to clean her out between Johns? I was really hoping for naughty bad Halloween fun free from STDs. I guess space herpes is resistant to sodium hypochlorite.

  2. Space girl from the television series UFO:

    1. Once an Uhura, always an Uhura, it would seem.