Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Specialist Wizards: Part 3-The End of It

After two posts on specialist wizards appropriate for Halloween I thought I might do one on Druids, because druids are Celtic and the Celts invented Halloween.
Then I remembered that in terms of spellcasters druids are just tree-hugging shapeshifting hippies with animal companions who annoy the rest of the party by not having healing spells and asking you to apologize for stepping on the grass.
Actually, if my wife played a druid THIS is what she'd look like.
So I'm not going to do that.
I mean, we can do better, right?
Ta Daaaaaa!
What I am here to talk about today are Pumpkinmancers, or Hallowmancers, or Lantern Wizards, it's all the same thing.
Yep, you guessed it...he's a Pumpkinmancer.
Pumpkinmancy is perhaps the rarest of specialty wizard magics.  Indeed pumpkinmancers are rare, but powerful, combining the best aspects of nature and necromantic magic.
See the power that has warped improved this otherwise normal mage?  It is the power of Pumpkinmancy!
They specialize in summoning of pumpkin goblins, vine control, and control the very powers of the liminal world that is Halloween, that threshold between life giving summer and dead winter, life, death, and what comes after.
There is nothing more powerful than a pumpkinmancer all amped up on candy corn.
So great is their power that it manifests a pumpkin on their heads and some of the greatest and most powerful pumpkinmancers take on creepy vine skin.  Brrrrrr...did you just get a chill?

You mostly see them around Halloween casting their spells, which include explosive seed missile, flaming candle breath, vine armor, summon toilet paper, soap window, and the mysterious and rarely employed Punkin Delight!  When necromancers are summoning armies of ghosts and ghoulies to harass the good folk out trick or treating it is the brave pumpkinmancer whose shining eyes protect us all!

Of course it is not all Count Chocula and Corn on the Cob.  Pumpkinmancers are specifically weak to cold and drought magic.  And they date druids.  I know, I know, but I just report the facts, people.  Do not taunt pumpkinmancers.  Pumpkinmancy is known for treats AND tricks.  You might think it is all fun and games and then you get a face full of pumpkin guts for your trouble.  Even the mighty Halloween witches know that none can stand against these orange masters of the spooky and arcane!

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