Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin People: The Obsession Begins

My fascination with pumpkins, jack o' lanterns and Pumpkin People goes way back.  As I noted before I had a favorite Halloween decoration as a youth that was a cardboard cutout scarecrow with a jack o' lantern head, which I identify as a type of Pumpkin Person.  I can establish a line of interest however stretching forward from that.

In high school I sketched up the picture you see above.  It is horrible because I am now and was then a shitty artist.  If you look carefully you will see it is #2 pencil (the type preferred by scantron machines everywhere) and black ballpoint.  As I said, it is not very good.
For those that know this would be the legendary Phantom Jack O' Lantern, avenger of pumpkins everywhere.
Here is a much later work, I can't say for sure when, but you might notice a pattern.  My medium is clearly lined notebook paper.  This particular one was finished off with Crayola markers.

What we are establishing here is that I have had a long term obsession with Pumpkin People and apparently I think they are some sort of special breed of badass.  In keeping with my usual style I will be exploring this deeper during the Halloween season this year and possibly using this as a form of therapy come to an answer for my obsession.  Probably not though.  I have no desire to be cured of this particular affliction.

Light your pumpkins, friends!


  1. Awesome, that is what I think. A fun yet creepy thing to enjoy and I am totally on board with something like that!

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