Wednesday, October 30, 2013


A few years back I was stumbling about the internet when I discovered a free to play flash game called Dragon Fable from Artix Entertainment.  It is a fun little fantasy adventure game, like an RPG, and part of a larger group of games that includes Adventure Quest and the MMO Adventure Quest Worlds.  I only started playing because I read that every October they have a Halloween event called Mogloween where you can get special armor called Pumpkin Lord armor.  They also have cool Halloween weapons.
I don't play much anymore, except around Halloween.  Here are some in-game snaps of Pumpkin Lord armor.

Here is a picture of our hero, Punkinstein, in his Pumpkin Lord armor standing in a field surrounded by evil scarecrows and suspiciously violent crows.  Spooky Orange cape optional.  Punkinstein is holding the High Hallowed Staff, which is notable for having an open headed jack o' lantern with a flame flickering out of the top.
We see here the Pumpkin armor scythe attack.  The scythe is formed from bits of vine, which is a pretty cool feature.
Flaming pumpkin chucker!  Pumpkin armor launches a flaming jack o' lantern at the evil scarecrow.  Not since the Green Goblin has a pumpkin been used in so violent a fashion.  I would love to be able to fire pumpkin projectiles that explode on contact.
MEGA PUMPKIN ATTACK!  Three small jackos form from the armor and grow in size to launch a 1-2-3 beam attack.  The attack is keyed to the weapon held.  This one is light.  Evil scarecrows hate light.
The mass of vines improves the defenses of our hero, Punkinstein.
Vine whip.  That's is just cool.  Think Indiana Jones and a pumpkin combined.  Lash out with a whip of vines annoying your enemies.  I imagine it could be used for swinging from rooftops or retrieving small items.  At least in the world in my head it could.
I know this looks odd, but follow the logic.  The Pumpkin Lord extends root like tendrils into the ground that snake out and attack the enemy, rooting their feet to the ground.  Very useful in certain situations.
The first of 3 scenes showing my various magical staves.  As Punkinstein is a WIZARD!!! he carries staves (see Wizards Get Wood for more information on staves).  This is my Harvest Staff.  I don't really have the skill or time to animate anything, but the glowing face rotates constantly around the pumpkin head.  Nature based attacks, not very powerful and totally useless against scarecrows.  Still, looks cool, if a bit understated.
Reaper's Rod, because subtle sucks.  This vine staff topped with a stack of pumpkins topped with a glowing jack o' lantern is more powerful than Harvest Staff and is keyed to fire. think you saw the movie, do I really have to say it?
This is not a staff, it is a scythe.  It is the Harvest Reaper, which should scare a scarecrow strawless.  Scythes are the one weapon that all classes can use equally well.  Harvest Reaper is fire or nature magic at the touch of a button.  It glows green for nature, so clearly this is keyed up for fire, because again...scarecrows.
Gratuitious Horrorbusiness!  A bonus picture of our hero's alter ego warrior form.  That's the High Hallowed Blade and an Evil Pumpkin Helm.  This is also a chance to get a better look at the Pumpkin Lord armor.  Mostly vines with disproportionate viney feet and spikey viney shoulders and abdomen, the Pumpkin Lord is not just a themed pumpkin man but what a pumpkin being should be.  As we can see from the pictures above using abilities morphs bits of the armor into viney doom for the forces of evil.  As there seems to be a dearth of Halloween and pumpkin based heroes in the various media I have to take my joy where I can get it.
Not shown is that you can eat candy to heal.  But of course you can eat candy to heal.

Until next time, keep your pumpkin helm lit.

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