Wednesday, October 14, 2015

BG Williamsburg Howl O Scream 2015 (part 1)

We decided to do Howl O Scream this year after giving it a miss last year for various reasons, not the least of which is that it was getting boring.
This year the new theme, which I mentioned back in the Summer, is UNEARTHED.  The story being that they were digging and found this old underground demonic witch's house.  The horned witch lady is named Scarlett.  She's really pissed about something.  Probably having her house dug up.
The new haunted house, Unearthed-Scarlett's Revenge, would appear to be in the Europe in the Air show building, formerly Corkscrew Hill, which is in Ireland.  Otherwise not much goes on in Ireland aside from slutty nurses and drinking at the pub.  We hit the park around 1 PM and took in the pre-Howl sights and at 6 PM the scares officially began (well not really scares, but people walked around being obnoxious, if that counts) although it would not get dark for a bit after that.
Kitty said the vibe was weird, somewhat off, and I agreed.
It needed something.
This is not to say I didn't enjoy it, but it did feel like it was missing something.

Patrons enter the park via England, which is the TERROR-Tory known as Ripper Row.
The decorations that make England into Ripper Row
After dark there are some undead prostitutes and a Jack the Ripper (I guess) and an animatronic of a headless woman with a parasol.  England is a theater, shopping and dining and very small.  We did not attend Monster Stomp on Ripper Row, the latest iteration of the Monster Stomp show.
This "shop" is a mere facade.
We quickly found ourselves in Port of Skull, which Italy, and the whole thing was made up in a pirate theme.  Are pirates scary?  I suppose pirates with assault rifles taking over your modern ship are scary, but the Jack Sparrow type are not.
This, on the other hand, is scary.

The look didn't really flow, but it was better than I expected.  Italy section is very urban, so the ship bits sort of sticks out.

Beware, ye entering Ports of Skull, it tells us.  I suppose I should be happy it doesn't say "Ye be entering" but if you are going to go all Talk Like An Asshole Pirate Day, make the full effort, yeah?
"Boogity Boogity Boo, I'm a dead pirate!"
It's fairly standard decoration style at BG to stick things on poles.  In this case we have skeleton pirates, in the past we had roses with eyeballs in them, ghosts, and similar Halloween offerings.
Nothing says "Halloween" like a pirate statue.
Pirate statue that stands next to the Crow's Nest Grille, where the extra "L" and "E" signifies such piratical fare as turkey legs, Dipping Dots, and churros.
My lack of mobile phone camera skills betrays me.

Lots of churros.

This is the spot where that screaming chick was when it was Darkside of the Gardens.
The Italian section is divided up into two areas, the section known as Festa Italia has all the midway games and the Roman Rapids water ride, which is drained after the Summer season as it's too cold for a water ride.  The Rapids were turned into a haunted house, but I'll get to that later.
Bridge Troll,now converted to a Pirate Bridge Troll by the judicious application of an eye patch.  
Let us now leave the Ports of Skull behind for a bit, we've more to see and I was getting hungry.

Next up a brief stop at Vampire Point (Germany) and then on to Demon Street (France) and Event Food!

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