Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rook Eats a HA1LOWEEN Whopper

Today I decided I had to try the HA1LOWEEN Whopper from Burger King.  I do not have a particular desire to eat an A1 burger or a bun baked with A1 in it, but I do have this thing about Halloween themed products so I purchased it for my dinner.
Space Kitty will not touch it, so she had a Whopper Jr.

Here we see the wrapper.  I like the wrapper.  It's a mummy, which is Halloween only in that it is a monster, being of the Egyptian Adventure sort of setting.  But what of the thing itself?
The actual burger I ingested today.  Not a model or promotional image.

Well, it's black and a bun.  I am not fool enough to think the actual product is ever going to look like the promotional pictures both because I watched an insider show on food modeling when I was a teenager AND because I used to do the food modeling at the Hardees where I worked when I was in college.  Still, it could have been a little nicer looking, I think.

Taste:  Well, it's a Whopper that tastes of A1 sauce.  A bit tangy.  A decent burger for a Whopper.

I did have a pinch of the bun first, just for a taste comparison.  As for baking A1 into the bun, meh.  It's a minor addition to the overall flavor profile.  The taste of the inside of the burger is more powerful and obvious than any extra bun flavor.

It turned my tongue black.  That's a cool Halloween bonus.

I doubt I will find myself having another during the limited run as I just don't go to BK that often and it was not a taste explosion that demanded more of my cash.  It is also not quite gimmicky enough for a Halloween meal.

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  1. Don't much care for Burger King in the first place. Plus, I prefer Heinz 57 to A1 any day of the week. Now I'm craving a back yard burger off my grill with some homemade fries cooked in peanut oil. That's my kind of burger... and fries.