Friday, October 2, 2015

In keeping with the season...

Which is also hurricane season here, so yay...

Another ridiculous Party City mask!

This selection is a buck ninety-nine job in felt.  As in "I felt like an idiot in this mask".
Our model is once again Rook Wilder, the proprietor of the Pumpkin.  The buck-ninety-nine-line at Party City is cute, obviously meant for smaller (read: child) heads and most affordable.  It's also total crap.
Never mind the label poking up behind the stem, that's just because I am putting these things on in the store.  The overall effect of a piece of stiff felt is to wrap about the face in a flat manner and make you look like a really low-budget superhero.
Just look at my eyes.  Do I look happy to you?

I get the impression that the jagged bottom is meant to be carved teeth or something, but I'm a grownass man and lining my eyes up with the holes to see puts the "teeth" just below my bottom lip.  What would this look like on a child?
Am I suggesting you should get the highest quality for a two bucks?

I'd never be that foolish.

And it has no nose.  This is not a comfortable mask.  You'd just end up wearing it backwards for "ironic" effect or lifting it up into your hair to get more food and drink into your eathole at the party.

Save your two bucks to pay the sales tax on a better mask.

I'd say keep your pumpkins lit, but honestly your pumpkin would be standing in a foot of water if you were here.

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