Thursday, October 8, 2015

Halloween Weird Western Image o' the Day: Jasper Stone

I've noticed that something fairly popular with the Facebook and the Bloggin' is postin' up pictures o' shit that ain't yore'n and I figured, "well, Hell, I can do that".  With or without commentary.
Today's picture:
Stone, from the PEG inc RPG Deadlands.  Jasper Stone, the undead gunslinging Grim Servant o' Death himself (as in the Horseman Death from Revelations), a man so vicious he gives the demon that inhabits him nightmares.  The original painting was done by the excellent Gerald Brom and the character as developed by the game has become the iconic mascot of the line.  The detail work is superb as is the attention to those details.  What really blows me away is that the whole thing, with the exception of Stone's feather is done in a basic earth tone shading evoking the sepia toned pictures of the era.  It gives the whole thing a dusty Western verisimilitude that belies the fact that it is a fantasy painting.


  1. I never played Deadlands, but I do remember this image.

  2. I think we planned to play Deadlands once, but didn't get around to it. Didn't Brom also do the art for Dark Sun. I liked the Athas setting, then I read two of the books and didn't like it as much after that. I guess Troy Denning's writing just didn't appeal to me. Sorry, Troy. I got way off topic. Weird West: How 'bout them Joe Lansdale Jonah Hex yarns? I enjoyed Two-Gun Mojo, anyway.

    1. You are correct, Brom did the Dark Sun art. I never got into Dark Sun. I think it was just too weird for me at the time. I started reading Jonah Hex with the Landsdale books and then went on to collect most of the original run (I'm still missing a dozen issues or so), plus a few of the Weird Western Tales issues. I collected the first year or so of the early 2000s relaunch of Jonah Hex, but found his New 52 issues sadly disappointing. Those just weren't in keeping with the character and I feel a New 52 reboot was a bad choice. I also have the entire run of Hex, the post apocalyptic series. I think only Joe's stories and some of the New 52 really qualify as Weird Western works, but the original series is a good western.