Monday, October 19, 2015

BG Williamsburg Howl O Scream (part 2) - Event Food!

Have I mentioned I love event food?
Hot dogs, funnel cakes, candied apples, sausages sold off a cart, and yes, deep fried things that should not be battered and deep fried, all make me giddy.
Not long after leaving Ports of Skull we entered Germany, or Vampire Point as they call it.  We went to the Festhaus, where the sausages live, to see if the show was any good.  It was not, so we left.

The bridge is decorated in lace and such.  Because that is how vampires do it, I'm afraid.
Not only does BG hang things on light poles and across the sky, but they also decorate the grassy knolls.  Here are some gravestones and a casket in Germany.  These were scattered all about the park in various woodsy locations.

A tribute headstone to the late horror master Wes Craven.  It might be hard to read but it says, "here lies Wes Craven father of freddy and ghostface".  Wes was responsible for so many things, but I suppose Freddy Kruger and the Scream series are the best known.  I liked Horace Pinker, the electrically powered ghostly killer of Shocker, but then I'm weird like that.  Plus it had a great metal soundtrack.  Megadeth famously covered Alice Cooper's "No More Mr. Nice Guy" for that soundtrack.

Leaving Germany and the Vampires behind we made our way to New France, currently Wendigo Woods, for a smokehouse lunch.

"Nom nom nom, snarl, keep your hands on your side of the table, buster."

All kitties are carnivorous.  I'm sure you remember enough of your biology classes to know what an obligate carnivore is.  Mine is an omnivore, of course.  I have proof because while selecting her plate full of lovely smoked meats she grabbed an order of fried pickles as well.  Me being more of a sensitive, liberal, modern male, I had a green salad.

Naaahhh...I'm just shitting you.  I had a plate full of brisket.  I love to eat the flesh of animals.  In this case the herbivore Bos taurus.  The Trappers Smokehouse really does a wonderful job with their smoked meats and honestly for the price it's decent.  They make up for it by charging $4 for a sodding Coca-Cola and don't ask how much a slice of cake will run you.

We had a visitor while we ate.  You are looking at Vespula maculifrons, or as it is commonly called the eastern yellowjacket.  Or as it is more commonly called ohshitawaspdon'tmoveohshit.

Being something of a pair of nature lovers, AND being too smart to try to shoo away an animal that has a reputation for taking zero shit from hairless monkeys, we observed the wasp for several minutes.  Finally moving the partially devoured rib off the tray we waited to see the bugger had spent the time carefully excising a rectangular piece of flesh which it then flew off with, clumsily I might add.  Lunch over, time to move on.

At the train track entrance to Demon Street (France) a dragon was being held in chains by two devils, one of which you can see on the left.  The traditional giant Grim Reaper figure had been altered slightly by adding a risible demon face to it.  That left me a bit sad.

Cornered is the corn maze haunted house situated a bit behind Curse of Darkastle, because nothing says "Germany" like a maize maze.  I despair at some of their placement choices.  We didn't do the corn maze, opting instead for the new Unearthed and the Cut-Throat Cove.

Here's fun, spot the asshat.  Here's a hint: the one not wearing a hat.
This shot is in Ireland, which was given the very clever name of "Ireland" for Howl O Scream.  They didn't know what to do with Ireland, it seems, since the jack o lanterns and such were put somewhere else, so they just stuck these monsters that had previously been in Germany (when it was a Frankenstein place, somewhat appropriately) all over the place.  Since we were in Ireland, where there is Grogan's Pub, and we were waiting for it to get closer to the 6 PM opening of the haunts, and since Unearthed, Scarlett's Revenge (Revenge for what?  Letting her out of a hole in the ground?) was located there, and since we'd had a meal of meats, we figured we'd take a wee break.

Which naturally led to drinking...

In part 3.

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