Sunday, October 9, 2011

The coolest costume this year that I won't be wearing

With these purple socks I can finally defeat that insipid, sexually ambiguous douchenozzle, He-Man!
That is a thing of awesomeness, and I don't use the word lightly.  I don't have the full power of speech when I look at it.
The perfect costume.  If only it had bird feet to go with it.  That would be too much.  Oh, and it needs a havok staff and sword, but still...
Oh, hands could be better.
Okay, I'm picking nits, but for $120.00, dammit I expect more.  I expect damn near perfect.
A previous article of mine: Requiem for a Villain spoke of my love for Skeletor since I was a wee tyke.  Of course just seeing such a beautifully done Skeletor costume is enough to make me happy, but so too does it bring on my criticism.  I especially like the mask, which is cheeky and cartoon-like without being cartoony.  The original Skeletor toy had a fiercer skull, but this one is great.  I like the solid color chest armor, giving it a 'retro toy chic'.  Keepin' it real, Mattel style.  The faux muscle top makes the Skeletor costume a good representation of the most physically fit evil wizard to grace the small screen.  Thumbs up for the Skeletor!
Check it out here:

Keep your pumpkins lit.


  1. Because it is too expensive to purchase. And I'd need some more gear, like that havok staff, and bird feet.