Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Howl O Scream 2011 (p2)

Picking up from Part 1, more deadly than is part 2!

When last we left our obstreperous explorers they had braved the wilds of scarecrow haunted Scotland and werewolf infested Ireland, doggedly pursuing a precarious path primarily to procure pork products.
Which leads to Aquitaine
I am NOT making any BOC references here
Entering France we are greeting by a somewhat grim reaper.
This hearse and driver is to the right as you enter France.  I want this in my yard.
Close up of the same
They had to know such a pose was going to lead to this sort of behavior...

Rats, skeletons, dirty laundry...these are the horrors of France!
The entrance to the Catacombs, a short but very DARK haunted house...
And then we headed out of France and into
Spiders in Canada...I'm not following the logic here
Chainsaw Logger Zombies ARE this year's Curling Iron Baker Vampires
To look at all these pics I took, you'd never guess that I am completely arachnophobic, and yet I am.
The spider web wrapped bridge that leads out of New France...will we ever get to Germany and the sausages?  I sense great peril.  I sense great trepidation.  A chill of foreboding.  I'm stalling because I don't like spiders.
Ahhh Hell

Perhaps we will never get to the Festhaus, for vampires guard the entrance to Germany.
Stay tuned, faithful friends.


  1. Ha! These are great...I guess this is the next best thing to being there myself. I too am VERY arachnophobic! But as long as know they are fake, I'm okay. But be they real...forget about it. No one can beat out the door faster! Awaiting part 3.....

  2. Thank you very much. My wife is absolutely NOT arachnophobic. In fact she likes the little buggers. Shudder.
    I do believe we are going back Saturday and are trying to get there earlier to avoid some of the crowds at the gate.