Thursday, October 6, 2011

Howl O Scream 2011 (p3)

Thank you all for coming to Part 3.  Part 1 and Part 2 are still available, should you desire to know how this insanity began.

When last we left our band of explorers into the depths of the unknown they were at the gates of Germany, desperately seeking sausage and beer.
Vampires stood before them and night was approaching at a decent mosey.
Gates of Germany
Theo, Frau Punkinstein, and Sir Stoic the Unfazeable, or Rob, if you like
Sensing our exhaustion, the vampires vouchsafed our rest in these handy coffins...
Clearly unaware of how much awesome a Punkinstein possess
The box hasn't been built that can take on the job
I don't know what is more embarrassing, that I posted this shot or that I took it in the first place
Clearly there has been a mistake as there is no mention of how "so last year" vampires are
It's all so...gothiqueee
It is actually a crime under German law to pass up a pun
Oh where is this elusive Festhaus?
Over the bridge labeled Stichin' Time...
Ahead, in the distance, we see the spire of DarKastle...
The Doctor's creations are looking for some fresh ingredients from amongst the visitors as we enter the Scare Zone called Stichin' Time.
Look at the size of that heed.  It's a virtual planetoid.
Is that the roar of monsters I hear?  No, its my sodding stomach, for the Festhaus is near.
The seasonal Festplatz has several creations arranged into a grotesque tree formation.
I don't know why, I thought I fixed it.
And so into the Festhaus we went, where a show was in progress and sausages were plentiful.  I've only a single food item to show you:
Gott in is HUGE
Nobody.  And I mean NOBODY needs that much frosting in their diet.  I'm totally going to get that when we go back.

When we left the Festhaus night had fallen...and things got interesting.
I'm sure there is a TSA joke here

What horrors await in Italy?

Until next time...


  1. Ha...your comments are a hoot! And that shot of Mrs. Punkinstein groping Frankie, does beg a TSA reference actually. In fact, it's giving me flashbacks to earlier this year when I refused to be body scanned by the creepy TSA man who was breathing on the back of my neck while I shoved my luggage through the x-ray scanner. He let the rest of my family go through the metal detector, and then told me I would need to be body scanned. I said, OH HELL NO! I got to be felt-up by a nice female agent instead, and then have my hands swabbed for explosives. (This because, everyone knows that it's mothers of children who rate highest on the terrorist watch lists!) Bah!

    FYI...the 'feel up' was really nothing at all, and I'd choose it every time over those creepy body scans! She did not molest me like the stories I'd heard. And I did consider voicing 'feigned excitement and pleasure' over the procedure just to be obnoxious...but I chickened out! :o)

  2. So Total Recall not a good future outlook I take it? Hands swabbed for explosives? How the hell does that work?