Monday, October 17, 2011

Walking Dead Season 2

Last year I reviewed The Walking Dead.  I didn't much care for it as evidenced HERE.
Last night the season premiere of Walking Dead season 2 came on.  We recorded it and I have just finished watching it.
Now I felt season one could be summed up by the words boring, stupid, boring, whiny, boring, and saccharine.
I will now provide a brief review of what I thought of the season premiere of Season 2.

Did you see that?  Holy shit, that dude's arm got ripped.
Shut up, blondie.  God, you whine.
Oh shit, go Rick, hit him again!

Yes, you may be a neo-nazi prick, but your Ranger skills are finally being used.

You tell her, she can't treat your husband that way.

Damn, zombies all over the place.  Gut rip.  Good sound. shot the kid?

I am totally impressed so far.



  1. Heh heh, I read some of the comics a few years back, and I didn't dig it too much. The characters weren't really sympathetic or interesting at all, and the plot seemed like an afterthought, as if they hadn't really planned past the first series.

    Don't know about the show, I might check out a couple episodes. Bleh.

  2. I read the first couple of issues of WD the comic and felt it was totally meh. I grew up reading Dead World and there was no finer zombie comic as far as I was concerned, so when the TV show started I had little in the way of hopes. Season 2, if it keeps up this pace, will keep my attention.