Friday, October 7, 2011

Howl O Scream - Shocking Interlude

I don't normally purchase the picture that is snapped at the least opportune moment on a roller coaster.  Normally I am in some quite embarrassing pose.  Such as looking like I have just pooped my trousers or eaten a bad egg.
Be that as it may, after our night ride on Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens last Saturday we went to the booth to see our ride picture and Frau Punkinstein declared it a must have.
It is quite the picture.
In less than 1000 words, it is a visual tale wherein you can see Frau Punkinstein screaming at the top of her lungs, Theo looking a bit like a man who is in the midst of a particularly satisfying, but trying, bowel movement, Rob with that look of Rob stoicism that makes him so hard to read in these situations (I mean it, he is unflappable, this guy; if zombies popped up on the lawn while we were eating dinner he'd just make this clucking sound as it to say, "Tut tut" or "And now we have zombies, who is going to clean up the lawn, because it won't be me I can tell you", totally unfazeable this guy), but it sort of reminds one of Queen Vic being thoroughly "not amused".
And then there is the idiot with his arms out like Superman...

Which totally sells the pic, don't it?

Keep those pumpkins lit.

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