Monday, October 1, 2012

Countdown to Halloween

Hello everybody, the Countdown to Halloween has officially begun (although some participants started much earlier to get the mood going and that is always a good thing especially with the Xmas Invasion already in stores for the past 2 weeks at least, I mean yeeesh, can we not have holidays in their proper order at all anymore?   And then Target...Target...Off target if you ask me, once a bastion of Halloween Holiday goodness now has half of their Samhain real estate devoted to Xmas already, I had could work my will I tell you...) so head on over to
to see all the great participants and I will have something more seasonal up a little later today.

Get those pumpkins lit.


  1. Looking forward to your posts this month. Couldn't agree more about the holiday offerings at Target. Isn't it considered 'sacrilege' to have Halloween and Christmas decor up at the same time anyway? Ha...greedy stores, always failing to give the Devil his due! They'll be sorry....muwahahaha! Enjoy the month ahead, and...Happy October! :o)

    1. Thanks indeed. Yes, I think this year has been worse than any before it for the Jul encroachment. Why even the Wawa failed me this year, and they are usually one of the first to get Samhain impulse items on the shelves. There it was 1 OCT and all they had were festive donuts. Fie and shame upon their corporate house!