Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Despite the weather from Tropical Whatever Sandy ruining the shit out of our Samhain bonfire for the second year in a row, and despite the almost total lack of support from the world around, and lack of interest, and generally crap temperatures...

I'll come in again.

Despite all that stuff up there we carved two Jack O'Lanterns tonight.  Our pumpkins had been out on the front steps during the inclement weather and as it is a rainy, crisp 45 degrees outside they were quite chilled when we started to carve.

Frau Punkinstein had a particularly tough rind on hers that made delicate carving a real chore and after a few unfortunate knife moves she decided to change her plan and ended up with a very nice bat silhouette design.

I went with a silly face.  I don't plan these things, the pumpkin tells you what personality is inside and dammitall if this wasn't a happy-go-lucky Jack-O, which it was.

Speaking of Jack-O...
NOT the original VHS box art which was much more interesting to me as it featured much more Jack-O!  This looks more like a Fulci film poster.
Have you seen that film?
I rented it years ago solely on the basis of its VHS box art.  Yes, V-H-S.
It is not nearly as lame as you would expect.  Killer Jack O'Lantern man, undead warlock shoehorned into the film via the magic of stock footage of the late, great John Carradine, scream queens, 1990's sort of hard rock low budget sort of slasher vibe, heroic child...this is a classic in its way.  I'd put it in with killer scarecrow movies but Jack-O is more demon than straw man, even if he does look a bit scarecrowesque.

See you on the flipside.  Keep your pumpkins lit.

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