Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Wanna Be A Scarecrow

Ah yes, the traditional "What the hell am I going to be for Halloween?" process has begun.

Anyone who remembers last year will remember my great desire to dress as a ghost and the efforts I put forth to make that happen.  I felt it was a reasonably successful.
I also mentioned being a scarecrow last year and it was close there for a while in my head.  I've long desired to do a scarecrow costume but I honestly don't have enough time to really craft it up right.  A scarecrow costume would seem to be a simple one to do, but if you are not careful you end up looking like either a farmer or a hobo.
I want something I can like and be instantly recognized as being.  We aren't going to repeat that Beowulf fiasco of 1996...
I mean, I had a monster arm torn off at the shoulder and I was dressed as a Viking.  How could I NOT be Beowulf?
I've been cruising the costume sites and I've seen some nice masks and some not so nice masks.  I've seen some decent costumes and some shite costumes.
I've had to ask myself what a scarecrow really has to do with Halloween anyway, as I once mentioned here.
As I determined they are associated through harvests and ancient fertility rites and just being bloody creepy.  Which is good.
I like it; I can't help it.  It is "vaguely creepy".
I saw this costume for the first time this year on Spirit Halloween's website.  Deathcrow scarecrow is simple and inexpensive.  I like it, but I'd like to do more with it.  You don't really need straw and cornstalks but it certainly sells the image.
Straw and dripping eyeball really sell this image, but I'm not buying it.
I considered the very popular pumpkin-headed scarecrow but have dismissed it for two reasons: 1) I did the pumpkin-head thing two years ago (and once many years before that) and 2) I like the burlap sack head look for a scarecrow costume.
I also like button eyes.
Not button eyes, but creepy stitching and a bleeding eye.  Very nice.
Mask or costume?  Always a good question.  I have clothing bits I can use, so a mask would work, but then I will need a good mask or I will have to make one.
And won't it just be me in my own clothes?
Well, yes, but I'd add "features" like corn stalks and some blood or something.  I suppose I could make my own mask...with BUTTON EYES!
Hard to be scared of Senor Scrotum-Face
Which is a helluva lot better than this official Scarecrow from Batman mask.  I mean look at it.  It looks like a ballsack.
I also want to avoid the "friendly" scarecrow:
If I only wasn't lame...

Kinda douchy really.
Straw, creepy face, scythe, a crow...this is a good scarecrow, although failing at its primary job
But there is a variation that is more badass, seen above.
Cool and hip?
Now I like this guy (above) with his sewn lip molded face, pointy fingers and burlap hood.  It's creepy in the way that the 1988 classic Scarecrows was.

No.  Just...no.

Darn it all, but I love that guy.

I'm sure I'll make another last minute decision .

Keep your pumpkins lit, kiddies.


  1. Hey Punkenstein, happy Halloween awready! What did you end up going as? Pics or it didn't happen!

  2. A disenchanted white boy. Or a redneck wizard during that time with the cape and staff. The rain cancelled our bonfire on Saturday then we had only 1 trick or treater last night and that was the daughter of our friends. After they trick or treated they came back and we all hung out a bit. My neighbor...she has no spirit.